Trouble getting Rhasspy 2.5 Add-On running


sorry if this question has been asked, but I couldn’t find anything that fully seems to fit my problem.
I tried installing the Rhasspy 2.5 Add-On on hassio but failed miserably.

System Info:
Home Assistant 0.116.2
supervisor: 247
runs inside docker version: 18.09.8
on a Synology DS218+ with DSM 6.2.3

During install, no I can’t see any logs or critical system messages. When I try running Rhasspy (without changing the config at this point), the Add-On Log says:
[FATAL tini (6)] exec / failed: Permission denied
Since I plan to use this as a master (as confirmed in this thread) I didn’T set any audio source or sink.

Is this a docker issue? I have to say that I am simply running hassio from the docker GUI within my Synology, no settings changed whatsoever. So far I didn’t have any issues with that. (And yes, I am set to Admin in home assistant)

What I also noticed, the config speaks of a profile folder:
profile_dir: /share/rhasspy/profiles#
But there is nothing created inside my share folder.

Any help would be highly appreciated.