Rhasspy + Hassio - Before Start

I’m a Hassio user and i want to add voice controle function to my house, on the research i ended here! :smiley:
I’m a little confused where to start, i’ve tryed the addon and a stand alone installation.
soo, correct-me if i’m wrong. I can use the addon as master (my hassio server is on the office) and connect serveral satellites on the house.
On this video Link are used automations to control entities. The actions are internal (by de addon) sent via mqtt?

Yes, you can indeed :slight_smile:

The Home Assistant intent handler in Rasspy (2.5) connects to Home Assistent using http/https with an long term access token. It either push events or intents to Home Assistent.

For events atomations in Home Assistant would act on the triggered event. If you use the intent mode, you have to configure intents in Home Assistant. I think they way using intents is cleaner and there are some build in intents in Home Assistant (though without good documentation).

But MQTT is also an option. (But I don’t know how to react on those in Home Assistant)

for mqtt i used:


in the configuration.yalm of home assistant to get the intents working

Thankyou for all your replies. :smiley:

I think that will try intents. if i only want to use a raspberry separated from hassio i need de hassio plugin?

No, I you want Rhasspy to run on another device than your Hassio install you have to install Rhasspy as standalone.
This can be done in various ways, which you can find here: