Rhasspy mobile app

I state that I am not an experienced programmer but I still wanted to help with the development of this beautiful project. I started developing a prototype mobile app for Rhasspy, for now, interface with the rest api but later I would like to expand it for MQTT support. It made it with flutter to have multi-platform support but for now, I can only compile for android given the lack of a physical macOS device. Feel free to comment and recommend the best solution to implement a mobile app. Excuse me for my English.


What I would really love in regards to Android apps are two thing:

  • Being able to turn an old smartphone into satellite
  • Being able to take out my phone whereever I am and submit a voice command, ideally trhough a fast accessible widget

I managed to run the app on an old samsung phone running android v5.1.1 all functions worked including mqtt.
Thanks for the idea of the widget I will try to implement it. in the future I would like to add the possibility to activate it through a wake word.

Cool. I never created an Android app. Quite interested but too busy to learn it.