Porcupine Custom Wake Word with HASS.io

Hello again,

I have been working on some rhasspy stuff with HASS.io for some time now, and have most of it working, with the exception of one thing, porcupine wake words. I have seen a few other guides on this, but mostly for raspberry pi or docker installations, not the hass.io plugin. Has anyone figured out how to fix the porcupine version in the home assistant plugin?

Thanks for any help!

Picking the linux version should work fine, works for me

What hardware are you running HA and the AddOn on?

I’m running the home assistant supervisor in a vm in proxmox for now. I can select the words no problem, it even detects a custom one from the picovoice console, but I cannot get it to wake with the word. It works with the predefined ones listed there, so long as you actually get the .ppn file. My issue is that my custom .ppn file doesn’t wake rhasspy.

Ah ok sorry, did not read that correct.
What are you using to create that custom wakeword? There is probably a mismatch between the model and the software

I’m using the picovoice console here: Developer Console | Picovoice On-Device Voice Recognition

I think that is producing V2, which Rhasspy does not support yet