MaryTTS - examples?

hi all!

at the moment everything is working (few false positives in wakeword detection), so i want to expand my setup with marytts.

can anyone help me with a example to start? marytts server is up’n’running with a german profile and reachable via lan.

i can’t find any clues how to start a simple “Ok” output, when intend “[IntentNix]” is triggered.

thanks a lot in advance!

What are you using to handle your intents?

i use homeassistant.


If you set mary TTS as the TTS for rhasspy you can use the http api for for TTS.
It is IP:PORT/api/text-to-speech?siteId=SITEID just post text to it and it shoud say it. Because i do not use homeassistant i have no idea how you can do a http post from homeassistant.

for more information on Rhasspys http api:

I used MaryTTS but the german voices did not really sound better then picoTTS which included things like pronouncing dates and some units like °C correctly.

I use node-red for my intent handling and sending the text to speak to rhasspy.

@moqart can you show me your nodered flow since I am trying to do the same thing?