Jeedom Rhasspy plugin (beta)

Just wanted to let rhasspy user know that you can now connect your rhasspy and your jeedom to let jeedom handle scenarios with all intents data when rhasspy recognize an intent.

Documentation (no ui screen before stable, which could take a while as I would have base/satellite supported into) ->

Ideally we should have remote settings (the url for the remote) inside http settings to be even easier.


The declared goal is to have a complete replacement for snips/jeedom combo. And I really would keep the Jeedom plugin lightweight without mqtt dependancies on jeedom, as this caused some problems with snips plugin with lot of users.

So I guess the Jeedom plugin will take time for stable version, as I want to be sure rhasspy can run in production before.


Merci chef pour ce plugin, je vais pouvoir tester ça !

I just install rhasspy docker container and it doesn’t have api/intents yet so it won’t work before a new image is published. Works with venv only actually :frowning:

Just some patience: the latest published Docker image is 2 days old, the /api/intents endpoint has been added 23 hours ago :slight_smile:

Yes no problem just for information for user testing it

Good morning all,
I cannot install the plugin to test it, I am with version 4.0.35 of jeedom, it does not appear in the market.
Is this normal?

Yes, there is no stable version, only beta.
On your jeedom, go to plugins, market, and enter rhasspy into search input. You should see it, if you have check the option to install beta plugins in your market account.

thank you for the info
Ok that’s better, just go to https: // … log in, modify my profile and check the box Activate access to beta plugins.
For now the plugin is installed, I give the Ip address of my jeedom it is on this same machine that I install rhasspy, I saw the message in the plugin "Please import your Rhasspy assistant. “, I click on” import the assistant “and select” keeping all the intents “, I got the message” Could not connect to Rhasspy! "
Where would the problem come from?

Ah! that’s it it works, I changed the port number to 80, the intents
I do not know what to do !
Okay, I’ll take it up tomorrow, stop for tonight. you have to sleep


So, you get your intents in Jeedom, right ?

I will try to set an example scenario in the doc. And maybe make an english version of the doc if more users need it :wink:


For an intent, you set a callback scenario that will start when this intent is recognized, with action start.
Under that you check all intent information that will be passed to the scenario as tags.
Then in your scenario, you use these tags as usual in Jeedom, to do whatever you want.

For example, IF tag(room) matches “/kitchen|house/” -> turn kitchen light on
Here it all depends on what entities/slots you use in rhasspy

You can also set several intents to start same scenario and check which intent it comes from:
IF tag(intent) == ‘lightsTurnOnJeedom’ THEN …

Hope it helps

EDIT : I have updated the doc with some explanation and screens. Still french only for the moment

If you have Jeedom in english, is the plugin in english in Jeedom ?

I have just added a new command on rhasspy device : dynamic Speak

I have updated the doc, but for those not talking french, it is the same function I had done (and use everyday in production) for snips so you can get the doc from here :

I has to be created on devices in Jeedom, you just have to reimport your assistant to get it.

Hello KiboOst,
Ok I understand that you speak French, I am French, my jeedom is in French, I try to speak in English so that all visitors can follow the conversation and have the maximum details on the development of the plugin.
It is true it lacked a tutorial, I see that here advance by giving examples, I will get back to it a little later in the day.
By cons by going into the management of the plugin, I have something in the assistant, in the middle I have the message: Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

In devices, I have a Master Rhasspy icon which when I click on it tells me successful test.
In the itentions nothing.
As said above, I come back in the day, I would start from scratch, I need to troubleshoot a pc in an emergency.
See you later.

Ok no problem :wink:
If you use docker container the intents won’t load yet, we use wait next update of rhasspy.

Could you post a screen of the not foud message ? If TTS works (does you hear it?) you shouldn’t see such message

Good evening KiboOst,
I reinstalled the plugin, it didn’t change anything.
I still get the message “Could not connect to Rhasspy!” if i leave the port at 12101, i’m even going to my box to open the port, but it’s not better.
So I set the port to 80 and there is a loading of parameters except intentions.
I also always have in the assistant tab the message “The requested URL was not found on this server”.
Below a screenshot:

And other screenshots for you to see what is displayed:

For information my jeedom works under Kubuntu on a Mini PC simply and it works.
That’s waiting to read you again.
Best regards

In the use part which says:
A l’important il y a trois options possible:

I do not understand this sentence

Also at the end of this chapter:
It says: “By clicking only one Rhasspy Device, you can run a TTS test on that device.” the test is successful.
What exactly is going to happen, should I hear a sound or something?
Since I have errors, I did not go further as creating a scenario.

Clicking in the device should make rhasspy say a test message on the device

Don’t put port into the address, go to configuration and sent adresse port there.

Will do some tests to see what show this message never seen it

Ok I tested there is no sound or message.
I entered the port only one place in the configuration only.
I can do it only at this location.

When you enter the entire url with port in your browser does you get rhasspy interface ??

No, it’s like when I click on the green button in the Assistant tab, if I put myself on it, my browser gives me the link to my jeedom.
It shows me the jeedom page, I think it’s because of port 80, I couldn’t get it to work with port 12101, I don’t think it’s my router since I opened the port and I have no better.
It is as if I entered the IP address of my Jeedom without putting 80. Example: or it’s the same.
But in my opinion something is missing behind the port, like: / …
I also just tested the link at the bottom of the assistant tab:
I have a blank page.

So which address do you enter in your browser to access your rhasspy console / settings ? What if you enter this url in jeedom plugin config ?

Just to be clear, your jeedom and your rhasspy are on the same pi ?
Never tested this and wouldn’t do that anyway, just to understand.