More visibility of Rhasspy working with openHAB?


You have created a really great tool here! I really had no idea that F/LOSS self hosted private voice AI solutions were this far along! It did not take me very long at all to get up and running with Rhasspy, a ReSpeaker USB mic array, and openHAB! And it ACTUALLY WORKS (really well in fact so far in my testing!)! :smiley:

Bless you, sir! :smiley:

I use openHAB and not HA, but it really doesn’t matter because the communication is the same via JSON over MQTT. Which is what I came here to mention to you, as I noticed your Docs seem to be quite Home Assistant centric, and openHAB is not even mentioned. I was just curious if you had any particular reason for that, or rather you are maybe just an Home Assistant user and the thought never occurred to you about openHAB? [1] :slight_smile: Although clearly, you have put everything together in such a way (i.e., “Unix philosophy”) as to be a modular, ala carte sort of affair…

Note 1: If the latter, I would be happy to work up a PR for the Docs including some links to openHAB in appropriate places, etc. as your project deserves more attention, IMO.

I already also made a post on openHAB forums about how to get it working with Rhasspy using MQTT and JSON.



Welcome, @TRS-80, that’s an awesome post on the openHAB forum!

As far as I know, the only reason that openHAB is not mentioned in Rhasspy’s documentation is that @synesthesiam is a Home Assistant user and most of the Rhasspy users seem to be too because the project was first published on the Home Assistant forum.

Note that Rhasspy’s Home Assistant integration is with Home Assistant’s REST API, while you’re talking about integrating openHAB using Rhasspy’s MQTT/Hermes API. As you already wrote, any system can be integrated using MQTT, but it’s a bit different than how Home Assistant is integrated (at least technically, functionally it should be more or less the same).

That said, I don’t see anything wrong with mentioning openHAB in Rhasspy’s documentation. A PR for the docs would be much appreciated!

By the way, I just created the openhab tag on this forum :slight_smile:

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Hi, @TRS-80! Thanks for your suggestions, and very glad to hear Rhasspy is working for you with OpenHAB :slight_smile:

Your suspicion (and @koan’s) answer is correct: I’m a Home Assistant user, so that’s where a lot of my documentation effort was originally focused. Node-RED and MQTT support came later.

I’d really appreciate a PR with OpenHAB-specific information (probably details in and, as well as a shout out in Another user here (@KiboOst) is also working on a Jeedom plugin, so we should include that as well.

If there’s anything OpenHAB specific that could be added, be sure to add a feature request. Thanks!

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