Can Rhasspy's Larynx be used as the TTS for Home Assistant?

So, I have Rhasspy running with the HASSos add-on with Larynx for TTS which sounds amazing, thank you @synesthesiam! Now, I’m wondering if I can set Home Assistant’s configuration.yaml to use Larynx for its TTS instead of google_translate. If so, what would I put in as the platform and base URL etc?

You can use the openTTS addons:

Install the addon with your language and use this as tts in Home Assitant:

  - platform: marytts
    port: 5500
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Awesome! Thank you @romkabouter!

It seems that HA still won’t play the TTS audio as there isn’t a media player element I can select without installing a VLC add-on and another addon for telnet to access it, apparently. It’s weird though. Rhasspy has no problem playing its TTS audio through the speakers without any of that.

I do not know what hardware you run. If you use TTS on Home Assistant, HA tries to play the speech on the audio device on the device.
I run HA on a vm in proxmox without speaker, so I have no use for TTS at all.

Yeah I’m using the Rhasspy Home Assistant add-on on an RPi 4. The challenge is that in Home Assistant, it seems to require a Media Player element for TTS to be played through. The OpenTTS add-on doesn’t seem to add one. I’m not quite sure what the simplest way is to add a media player element to just play the TTS through the Pi’s headphone jack, just as Rhasspy seems to do by itself without any further config.

Is possible to use whit HA core?

If you run the Docker image from the addon manually, yes.