Wrong intent response from HA?

I set up Rhasspy and configured it to use HomeAssistant for intent handling. I see the intent is handled by HomeAssistant, but Rhasspy does not answer my question.

My HomeAssistant sends the following answer:

  "speech": {
    "plain": {
      "extra_data": null,
      "speech": "..."

But the Rhasspy documentation (scroll down to “Speech”) says it wants something like this:

  "speech": {
    "text": "..."

Am I doing something wrong? :thinking: Is there any way to make this work?

Please post your intent handling part of HA.

Here’s what I currently have:



      text: Es ist {{ as_timestamp(now()) | timestamp_custom("%H") }} Uhr {{ as_timestamp(now()) | timestamp_custom("%M") }}

# ...

When I ask Rhasspy for the current time, I see the following entry in the HomeAssistant log:

2022-03-18 20:01:02 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.intent] Triggering intent handler <ScriptIntentHandler - GetCurrentTime>

The intent_script you have created is using the TTS from HA (this is what the speech part does)
It is not sending a text to Rhasspy, that is why you do not hear Rhasspy speech.

Check here if you want Rhasspy to process the text: