What *is* that pictured in the Rhasspy logo?

This is kind of random, but I keep looking at the logo for Rhasspy and trying to figure out what it is… Some sort of evil crow?

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I am personally much more confused by the Larynx logo …

It’s kermit with the side of his face and neck removed drinking tea with a miniature star floating in it. What’s to not understand? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Too much mushrooms when designing


Never got around to trying those, sadly :frowning:

This one is a reference to Kermit tea drinking meme:

except that you can see his larynx! For some strange reason, my wife didn’t find it as hilarious as I did :thinking:

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Oh I did not know the meaning of the word larynx. Learned something new.

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My goal was to pick a word (in English) related to speaking/vocalization, but one that was uncommon enough that it could be a unique Linux command.

Well, you got the uncommon part spot on :smiley:


I realized that I don’t actually know what a larynx looks like so I looked up pictures of them.

Am now creeped out to know that we all have something that looks like an alien face hugger embedded in our necks. :grimacing: