Wake word not working

Hi everybody, I’m new to Rhasspy and I’m trying to set up the wake-word using Mycroft Precise.
I have this system:

  • Raspberry 4 with Raspbian Buster Full
  • JMTek USB Audio Microphone
  • Rhasspy 2.4.18 using the virtualenv

When I do tap/hold to record or use the yellow wake button I see the JSON created on the dashboard (so the microphone is working correctly as the speech to text). But the wake-word is never detected. I’m useng Precise with the “hey-mycroft.pb” file, I tested with the precise-test tool and i can see the wake-word detected.

There are the pastebin of the profile and the log on the terminal:

Thanks :wink:

I have an update, I was using arecord for the microphone and now I switched to pyaudio without any result. I used the guide on the docs but is not working.
Somebody can help please?


Did you train Precise yourself or did you download the models?