Use VoIP device with Rhasspy

Just listened to the State of the Open Home presentation, and was struck by Paulus’ idea of using VoIP phones as Rhasspy satellites.

I can see the advantages he mentioned (no wake word, good audio quality because mouth is close to microphone).

But it strikes me as impractical to have multiple VoIP handsets around the house for giving voice commands. I no longer have a house landline phone (just a mobile); and if I did it would mean adding a PABX to connect multiple satellites.

More important. if I have to go to the VoIP phone i might as well get up and go tap buttons on a tablet; or open my phone, start the app to tap a button. Nowhere near as convenient as just speaking a command from wherever I happen to be.

I think it’s a cool idea, but I understood it more as a stand-in until we get the hardware nailed down; sort of a way to bypass the lower levels of the stack.

I could see it being practical for some people or environments, however. Either way, we may end up using some of the protocols shared by VoIP to stream audio efficiently.