USB Speaker/mic combo audio choppiness on Proxmox HAOS VM

I have HAOS running in a Proxmox VM container on an Intel NUC. An Anker PowerConf S330 speaker/mic combo unit is connected to the NUC via a Sabrent USB 2.0 hub for use with Rhasspy as the master satellite. In Proxmox, I set up USB passthroughs for all USB-connected devices and every other USB device is working fine.

The problem happens about a week after an HA restart: the audio produced by the speaker unit becomes severely garbled, and only another HA restart fixes the issue. I’ve tried connecting the Anker unit directly into a USB port on the NUC, to no avail. I’ve also swapped the Anker out with another verified-working one, and the issue still occurs.

I have three RPi 4s around my house with the same Anker unit attached to each as Rhasspy satellites and their audio output is consistently fine. I was previously running bare-metal HAOS on an RPi 4 with the Anker unit connected as the master satellite, and the audio output was always perfect, leading me to suspect the Proxmox USB passthrough for just this device is erratic. I deleted the Anker USB passthrough and recreated it twice in Proxmox, but that also didn’t remedy the problem.

Obviously doing scheduled HA restarts every X days isn’t practical to keep the audio working. I’d appreciate anyone’s input, especially if they’ve encountered a similar issue before. Thanks!