UNDO command in the sentences definition

It would be very beneficial to be able to add an Undo Intent for every intent in sentences ini. So if Rhasspy recognizes a wrong voice command one can simply call the wake word and undo. This would probably require a history of the last message, but maybe this can be retrieved from the mqtt broker? The service could even be external, but the undo intent definition would be great to have in the same place.
Something like:

clean floors
wall-e start cleaning

stop cleaning
wall-e stop cleaning

This seems application-specific, so in my opinion this behaviour should be defined in the app. The app should keep track then of the currently executed action (or the latest recognized intent), and when it recognizes the Undo intent, it executes the action you intend to be done to undo the previous action.

But if you define the sentences and intents in rhasspy it would be better to define the “counter intent” also in the sentences ini and be delivered with every action. The actual call I concurr should be done by the app actioning the intents. But if the undo action is set there two you have to keep the definition in two places.
In the case of Home Assistant currently you could perform the counter action without much more than a history and one automation. But if you have to define the undo action there two there is much more that has to be done. For rhasspy it would only mean to allow a new macro in the intent recognition and give this to mqtt.