TTS languages beyond the 8 supported in releases

The coverage of languages for TTS (larynx) is quite impressive. Has anyone tried other languages? Esp. the big ones (counting native speakers) like Mandarin.

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The two limiting factors for language support in Larynx are:

  • Support for the language in gruut (text to phoneme conversion)
  • Publicly available audio data

Not required, but the voice quality also improves dramatically if I first train a Kaldi ASR model, and then use it to do forced alignment of the audio data with its transcription phonemes.

For Mandarin, there’s plenty of audio data available. I “just” need to add it to gruut :slight_smile:

Anyone understand Mandarin enough to help?

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For a Kaldi ASR model, I can recommend the multi_cn recipe, but training takes over 20 days with an older GPU like GTX 1660.

I will try to encourage some native speakers of Mandarin to help, but no promises …

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