Trouble installing in a Virtual Enviroment

Trying to install Rhasspy in a a virtual environment (love the docker, but having issues with the USB mic I’m using) Followed instructions, and finished with copying to /usr/local/bin (in my path) and renaming it to rhasspy. Had to change the permission to make it executable, and change in_place=“yes” to in_place=“no” otherwise it was trying to run things in place. I’m still not up and running, now I’m seeing:
Using virtual environment at /home/pi/rhasspy/.venv
/usr/local/bin/rhasspy: line 26: rhasspy-voltron: command not found

I don’t know if I’ve missed some part of the instructions(not sure why I had to edit rhasspy to force use of the virtual environment and change the permissions) and why I’m still seeing an error, but anyone whose walked this path before, or can help, I’d really appreciate some guidence.