Stream music or radio

Hi @all,

I’m pretty fresh with rhasspy. Yet I’ve got everything running and accomplished to stream a single wav sound. Is there a way to stream music? Like using an url from a radio station or from spotify.

I’ve thought about creating a spotify skill using their API to search for songs.

Thanks for any hints

EDIT: I’ve seen the answer of synesthesiam: Github Issue concerning stream continuously

I don’t get yet some basics:

  1. Do I need to convert the http stream to wav to output it using rhasspy?
  2. Will rhasspy still listen for his wakeword so I can stop playing music by saying “stop music” for example?
  3. Is he reffering to the audio input section in his answer? I guessed the audio output section is fitting for this use case. Am I wrong?

Maybe the easiest way is to use something like this: mopidy
Has anyone experiences?

If there is noise (music) rhasspy will listen to the microphone poorly.
I use gesture recognition with SparkFun APDS9960, esp8266 (arduino) and mqtt, Placed on the table, simple and cheap
If I approach: I cut the sound I can speech :smile:
up: I increase the sound
down: I decrease the sound
left: wakeword
For music (radio, deezer …), I create a thread, with function stop, start …
Everything is possible.

Rhasspy cannot stream audio OUT from an url, it only streams audio OUT which is generated by the system.
That is, generated speech or the feedback sounds.

From the answer:
1: Rhasspy does not output any INPUT audio.
2: See (1)
3: Yes, for both questions :wink:

I use mopidy, work wells but no interaction with Rhasspy in my case (yet)
In my case, it is combined with a snapcast server and several clients for multiroom audio :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks so far guys. As soon as kaldi is working I’ll start experimenting.