Smallest wall charger for satellite Atom Echo?

I’m looking for the smallest possible solution for an EU usb wall charger for the satellite M5 Atom Echo.
I want the speaker in front and not stick too much out of the wall. Something compact should be nice. But it looks like it’s not available on the market. Of do you have a good solution?

I want it in this position

Now I have this

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Question: How are you using the Atom with Rhasspy?

I’m not using it yet. I gonna flash it to use it as text to speak satellite around the house. I want the speaker and button in front.

I would like to do the same. From a software standpoint, how do you envision it will work?

To flash it with this code


This is great!! I have some Amazon echos that I plan to gut and replace with a Rhasspy satellite. I was planning on using a Pi zero, but this might work better.

Any reusable parts in there? It will it just be a shell to house something else in?

The speaker for sure. With some soldering I think maybe the buttons and the LEDs might be usable. It ahs been a while but I think there is an i2c connections in there too.

I suggest you give it a try with just a USB wire first. My experience with the Atom Echo is that it has a very basic speaker. The quality and volume is so so. I think one of my units even burned out from sustained use.

If you are satisfied with how it works with default wiring then you will be able to hack something up to connect it. For example you might be able to add wires directly from the inside of the adapter to the Gnd and 5V pins of the Atom, without using a USB adapter/cable.

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I found this socket