Small UX addition to avoid unsaved settings changes

One issue that I ran into, and I’ve noticed that others seem to have as well, is that it’s easy to miss that changes to settings aren’t saved automatically. Largely this is because to make the changes, a section (say the TTS section) needs to be expanded and then scrolled through, which takes the “Save settings” button off the screen:

Now, one way to get around that would be to just automatically save all changes the moment a field loses focus and provide a way to “Reset to default” if needed. If you are going to make people save manually though, I’d suggest 2 things:

  1. A “Save changes” button appears in the section header when changes are made. This would visually alert users to the need to save manually.
  2. A warning when a user clicks to navigate to another area (eg home, slots, sentences etc) without saving.

Mockup showing both:

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Hi @VoxAbsurdis, thanks for the suggestion. I agree this could be very useful for everyone, especially new users.

I’m currently using alpinejs to do the mapping between profile JSON and HTML controls. If anyone has the time, maybe they could see if there’s a good way to intercept modification requests and set a flag so we can create the warning?

For the “Save changes” button, what if we just add an overlay at the bottom that always has a Save button?

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Not quite as ideal, but it would still work, especially if it popped up right as the user made a change to visually alert them that it was a) there and b) that it became available because of the change they just initiated.

The most important thing is to just have the save button visible onscreen.

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