Simple shell script to use Watson (IBM's cloud TTS service) in Rhasspy

For my home setup, I wanted to make my voice assistant sound like Jarvis from Iron man. However the included TTS services in Rhasspy did not satisfy me completely so I looked for a voice that sounded closer to the Jarvis I wanted.

One of the few free TTS services I found that met my needs was IBM’s cloud TTS. The free tier is more than enough for home use and the voices sounds awesome.

You can hear the different voices here, for Jarvis I used the male britsh voice (James)

I adapted a shell script to query IBM’s API when needed and cache the audio files.

Installation and usage instructions can be found on my github repo Rayz224/rhasspy-IBMWatson for anyone interested :smiley:


Hi !

I had a similar approach for the TTS but my choice fell on Azure Speech, which offers French neural voices that are very pleasant to hear. And it remains free for my meager consumption.

But I went through a PHP script, hosted on the “Apache2 Minimal with MariaDB Client” HASS addon.

I looked at the sh script and I will try the adaptation for Azure Speech. Cache management is nice.

Thank you.

Nice, it should be as easy as changing the curl command to work with Azure’s API
Once you’re done, if you want, we could add it to the repo for others to use. :slight_smile: