Rhasspy with Matrix Voice speakers

I am using Rhasspy version 2.4.20 with Matrix Voice with Raspberry Pi. Speakers are connected to 2 small pins on back of matrix one not USB.
Rhasspy text to voice to speaker doesn’t work. The issue is also discussed at

Sound config in rhasspy is as follows
“sounds”: {
“aplay”: {

Solution with version 2.4.20 I found was to convert format in audio_player.py by making following changes

import convert_wav from rhasspy.utils import convert_wav

#convert format using convert_wav before aplay using sox

def play_data(self, wav_data: bytes) -> None:
    """Play a WAV buffer using aplay."""
    stereo_data = convert_wav( wav_data, rate=44100, width=16,channels=2)
    aplay_cmd = ["aplay", "-q"]

after above changes speakers are working.

Is it possible to add this somehow to latest version 2.5.