Rhasspy not recognizing the audio

I have started playing around with Rhasspy 2.5.5, Pi 4 B+ and PS3 eye cam. Yesterday I started working with it. The wakeword was porcupine. Rest of the settings were as per Rhasspy documentation


It was working. Rhasspy was able to identify the wake word, listen to the command, identify the intent. However, now when I restarted my pi, Rhasspy is not able to listen to audio. I get below error -

rhasspy | [ERROR:2020-09-13 14:47:05,657] rhasspyserver_hermes:
rhasspy | Traceback (most recent call last):
rhasspy | File “/usr/lib/rhasspy/.venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/quart/app.py”, line 1821, in full_dispatch_request
rhasspy | result = await self.dispatch_request(request_context)
rhasspy | File “/usr/lib/rhasspy/.venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/quart/app.py”, line 1869, in dispatch_request
rhasspy | return await handler(**request_.view_args)
rhasspy | File “/usr/lib/rhasspy/rhasspy-server-hermes/rhasspyserver_hermes/main.py”, line 827, in api_listen_for_command
rhasspy | handle_captured(), messages, message_types
rhasspy | File “/usr/lib/rhasspy/rhasspy-server-hermes/rhasspyserver_hermes/init.py”, line 959, in publish_wait
rhasspy | result_awaitable, timeout=timeout_seconds
rhasspy | File “/usr/lib/python3.7/asyncio/tasks.py”, line 449, in wait_for
rhasspy | raise futures.TimeoutError()
rhasspy | concurrent.futures._base.TimeoutError

Relevant Information - I am using the standard docker-compose.yml to execute rhasspy.

        image: "rhasspy/rhasspy"
        container_name: rhasspy
        restart: unless-stopped
          - "$HOME/.config/rhasspy/profiles:/profiles"
          - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
          - "12101:12101"
          - "/dev/snd:/dev/snd"
        command: --user-profiles /profiles --profile en

Please let me know if anyone has faced this issue and how to resolve it. I tested playstation eye microphone with arecord cli command, it was able to record my voice.

Have you reboot the PI and tested? How are you running Rhasspy - in a docker? Since you are using PS eye, you need to see this default setting. It should be automatically picked up unless there was some problem during the start and that device is blocked.