Rhasspy 2.5, websocket api, site id gone

I am working on a documentation video for rhasspy 2,5 in a virtual python environment.
However the current version seems to be missing a crucial feature. Listening on ws://my_host:12101/api/events/intent in node-red before gave me a json string that I could then convert in node-red to a json object and had a top-level siteId in it.
This is gone (and yes I set the site Id in the configuration). It is also shown in the console logs of rhasspy.

I am getting a little desperate here and doubting myself. Can someone running latest version of rhasspy 2.5 confirm the behaviour (missing site-id in json object coming via websocket)?

Yes, this is what I get:

Thanks a lot confirming. I guess, I will have to manually inject my own satellite id here in node-red now.

Hello koan,
I’m (gradually) learning my way around Rhasspy and related topics. Interested to know more about linking up with NodeRed as above, and I’m wondering what configuration you use to get the above. Would you mind sharing your NodeRed flow, please?

I just followed the Node-RED part of this tutorial: https://rhasspy.github.io/rhasspy-voltron/tutorials

Splendid, many thanks.

@ulno I have a related issue on my base/satellite setup: the websocket in node doesn’t catch intents on my base, only on a satellite. See https://github.com/rhasspy/rhasspy-voltron/issues/31

Can you confirm this?

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Seems to be the same mistake as mine.
Commented on the issue.

Workaround is saving with a change node the ID manually in node-red based on the websocket you are listening on.

Fix should be in next release :slight_smile: