Repetition in sentences.ini ()+1

I would like the possibility of x repetitions in sentences.ini. The count should be mandatory.
Greatings, Jens

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Number ranges are supported in Rhasspy:

Can you give an example of what you want?

The forum asked for an AND concatenation.

turn off garage and porch lights

In order to depict this, many possibilities would have to be presented:


turn (on|off) (garage{light1} [and] [(porch){light2}] | (porch){light2} [and] [garage{light1}]) lights

If there are 5 repetitions (I have a few more lamps…), the sentence becomes unnecessarily long.
It would therefore make sense to put the lamps in a LIGHTS slot and only link $LIGHTS in the sentences.ini.
It will look like that:


It would be nicer to repeat ($LIGHTS)+5 , as described in pyjsgf.

Since unlimited reps cannot be predicted, I suggest adding the number of reps as a requirement.

Greetings, Jens


Is the repeat or something similar something that is part of the hermes protocol that could be implemented? if slots could be filled with multiple values that would be awesome without having to explicitly configuring for a specific number of lights/ect.