Repeated audio output

So I set up Rhasspy in a base/satellite configuration with and x86 Debian .deb install for the base, and an RPi docker install for the satellite. Got MQTT set up between the two. Wake word works, but it plays the wake chime repeatedly. Then it seems to recognize my words, and it plays the response 3-5 times. If it doesn’t understand my response it plays the “unable to determine command” sound repeatedly. A few times it seemed to repeate forever.
I was just about to post the above saying it’s probably something obvious when I decided to take a look in the Debian base’s ps aux. Yeah, half a dozen of the processes hadn’t exited properly, so they’d all get the satellite’s request, all respond, and then the sat would spend a minute playing the audio.
Anyway, yeah, if your system is repeating audio clear out zombie processes I guess.
Looking forward to moving on with this project. Keep up the good work.