PS3 eye USB mic Setup on Raspberry Pi 4 + Docker

Hi, has anyone gotten a PS3 Eye to work with Pi4 + Docker? I cannot seem to manage to set it up. Should this just work out of the box or do I need to edit .asoundrc or something inside the Docker container? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sam
Have the same setup but with 3b+
By default ps3eye mic is a bit low, so yes, I’ve changed asoundrc to increase its volume

But it works out of the box
Try to run arecord command to check it

Thanks, arecord helped:

arecord -l
**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****
card 1: VOICE [USB Camera-B4.09.24.1], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

I disabled the onboard audio in


Now everything works fine.

Did you do anything special in mixing the four mics? This post talks about it:

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Yes, I’ve changed my asoud.conf
You can try the one from your post, but I’m using this one… found it a bit better. Maybe placebo effect though :grin:

pcm.jack {
  type hw
  card ALSA
pcm.array {
  type hw
  card CameraB409241
pcm.softvol {
  type softvol
  slave.pcm "jack"
  control {
    name Master
    card 0
pcm.cap {
  type plug
  slave.pcm "array"
  slave.channels 4
  ttable {
    0.0 15.0
    1.1 15.0
pcm.!default {
    type asym
    playback.pcm "plug:softvol"
    capture.pcm {
      type plug
      slave.pcm "cap"

Also note that changing asound.con on a host system doesn’t affect docker. So you need to change it there too

In this article they compare it with respeaker and provide a configuration for RPI

Thanks for sharing your configs! :slight_smile:

Could you please explain how to do that? I’m absolutely new to docker :slight_smile:

I switched from HassOs -> Hassio to Raspbian -> Docker - Hassios - Rhasspy still installed as Hassio addon.

Now do i shell into the Rhasspy container and edit the asound.conf - or do i copy the host asound over there?

Thanks :slight_smile:

edit: I found your old Thread - testing now :slight_smile:

you found a way to automate this by now ? =)

Hi @Sikk
Yes, my post is what I have now… unfortunately, i haven’t yet work on it properly
So I’m editing Dockerfile in rhasspy addon folder adding COPY command there, and rebuild addon
So I can reboot it at least
If you are interested in it, I will provide detailed instructions :nerd_face:

Hey @frkos

I would really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Right now i’m really happy with my asound.conf - snowboy seems to detect every wakeword now - without me running through the room and screaming “jarvis” like a maniac :smiley:

To keep all things together I’ve added instructions here

Hope you will find it useful

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