Porcupine wake word detection french language(rpi 4 satellite with matrix voice)


I have difficult to setup correctly the wake word detection on my rhasspy satellite.
I need to repeat several time (sometimes, one time only is sufficient) for that the wake word be detected but in the same time i have many false detectoion when the tv work or when we speak by phone.

My satellite work on rpi4 with Matrix voice card.
I use porcupine for wake word detection and i use the default “jarvis” horword (but pronounced with a high french accent !).
The sensitivity is set up to 0.6.
it connected by wifi.

The rhasspy server work on docker hosted by a debian vm.
I use an external mqtt server (mosquitto) working also in docker and hosted in the same vm.

I don’t know what’s wrong.
I have replace the repseaker 2 mic card by a matrix voice recently, it’s better but not fantastic no more.

Have you also difficult with the hotword detection for other language than english?

Thank in advance for your advices

Best regards


with version 2 of porcupine there are many improvements - IMHO

There are french language modells and predefined french keyword files.

Look at:

Version 2 of porcupine is not part of the standard rhasspy install.
There is a free testing version see - other topic.

Basicaly the german implementation an my rhasspy with matrix voice works very well.



Hello Andreas,

Thank you for your reply, i will look at this.

Any information about implementation of porcupine v2 in rhasspy ?

In the linked topic you can fird a howto.
BTW - ive got the leds ro work. I will append a howto tomorrow