Passing undefined text in a sentance

I have setup the ‘Plex Assistant’ HACS addon on my home assistant installation. It has a number of benefits over the official addon.
Although getting it going in a simple way is straightforward It has its own version of ‘fuzzy matching’ which has given me a unique challenge.

So for example, if i have defined (half) a Rhasspy sentence:-
tell plex to

I realise i may be swimming upstream a bit, but is there a way of putting everything i might say in the second half, after ‘to’ in a Entity/ tag and passing it to Home Assistant? This text would not be defined in a slot or anything else.

Examples commands might be (again, every word after ‘to’)
tell plex to ‘play Wanted’
tell plex to ‘stop’
tell plex to ‘play unwatched breaking bad’
tell plex to ‘play ondeck movies’
tell plex to ‘play pets on the kitchen chromecast’
tell plex to ‘jump forward’

I have already defined a $films slot and created a simple ‘tell plex to play’ $film {film_name}, but this greatly reduces the available functionality of the addon.

thanks in advance!

Snips NLU supports recognizing unknown entities appearing in the same context:

It’s supported by Rhasspy, however the integration is not as polished as the other intent recognizers yet (slot synonyms were not working in my tests :slightly_frowning_face:). Getting it to work on ARM is a real hassle. I can tell you that after hours of compiling… :smile:

Thanks for that, it does look like Snips NLU might do the trick.

But as you say, it currently looks like the plugin from hell.

I have been watching the other post as well, so i may wait until the ‘magic new wheels’ are put on the Bus and the integration is back in Rhasspy before i give it a go. I think it will be a lot easier to figure out at that point. I can see me spending an entire weekend down the rabbit hole otherwise.