ONE LIST of site IDs that will be used by all Rhasspy services

The list of site IDs needs to be maintained in multiple locations in the WebUI. I’d love to see a list of satellites in ONE LOCATION that that all pull from. If there really is a use case of needing to have one or more of these services using different different site ID lists, then allow them to be overridden in the service’s settings.

Don, I would support this as a feature request - but at a very low priority.

I acknowledge that at first Rhasspy does seem very convoluted; and I think it highly unlikely that a user would want different services to respond to different satellites.

However my understanding is that the list of site-Ids is only relevant to those services which could be called by multiple satellites (since it tells the service which site-ids to listen to and respond to). Thus only need to be filled in on the Base station(s).

Most people would only have one base station, and hence only 5 services requiring the Satellite siteIds - all on the one web page. Certainly, when a new Satellite is added, the user needs to add it once then copy and paste the list of siteIds to the other Satellite siteIds fields … but this doesn’t seem particularly difficult - hence my suggesting the low priority.

I agree with that sentiment. It is more of an annoyance.

But every programming instructor I’ve ever had told us that the “same data shouldn’t be stored in multiple locations – it’s an invitation for problems because of the data gets changed in one place but forgotten I’m others, you might have issues.”

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