On Wake notification


Is it possible to get some notification when Rhasspy has detected the wake word? What I’m looking for is to develop an intent for playing music and I was thinking that I would also need an intent for controlling the playing music (stop, volume, etc) but I’m thinking that if the music is playing on the same device and I’m trying to speak to Rhasspy there will be definitely issues understanding my intentions. So it would be nice if there was a way to detect the wake-up and pause the music.


Sure, have a look at this:

Check the image in the Dialogue Manager section, you’ll see that Rhasspy will publish a message on the hermes/wakeword/<wakewordID>/detected topic. Wakeword is by default “default”, but can be adjusted.

Also, hermes/hotword/toggleOn and hermes/hotword/toggleOff might be useful

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There also is a websocket similar to the one whcih can be used to handle intents for wakeword detections.(/api/events/wake)

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