Migration from 2.4.19 to 2.5 (tuto needed)

I’m in 2.4.19 version of Rhasspy and I would like to migrate to 2.5 withoot loosing my customizations (wakeword, settings, sentences, slots, kaldi-generic-fr-tdnn_250-r20190930.tar.xz installation…)

I use venv and I don’t found in documentation how to do that.

Someone has a “Tuto” ? :wink:

You can basically copy your old profile/language directory somewhere as backup and also to the new computer/docker where you try rhasspy-voltron (2.5). In my experience, most things seem to get automatically imported, but again, make backups before you try. There are more problems with the actual installation of rhasspy-voltron than with taking over the configuration (just take a look at my small odyssey here, especially the rhasspy part - though running things in a virtual environment on Manjaro might not have made things easier: Mycroft, Rhasspy, and Node-RED integration).

Ah, I just see, you are using a venv, yep, just make another venv with rhasspy-voltron and backup your old profile, then you can always go back.

I was hoping a basic tuto but I think I’ll do another sdcard for a new installation…