Microphone not working/ showing

I’m currently trying to setup Rhasspy on RPI 4B 4GB using Home Assitant 64bit OS (Rhasspy added as ad-on).

In the HA Add-On Config my Webcam Mic is showing fine:

But in the Rhasspy Audio Recording Setting nothing is showing up in the device dropdown and default is not working. (Refresh gets a timeout error).
It is also the same for arecord and PyAudio.

Any idea how to fix this?


Same issue here.

Tried other mics and same thing happened. Tried adding it as a device in the profile, and it shows in the list, but doesn’t test and trying to refresh mics gives a time out error.

May sound simplistic, but have you tried restarting home assistant supervisor or os? For me, restarting core was not enough and it showed up after restarting the HA supervisor.