Microphone and speaker testing

It could be easier to check if mic and speaker or “in” and “out” are really working or if there is an other problem like wakeword detection.

I agree that a way to test microphones and speakers, preferably in their respective settings sections, would be great. Maybe even allow the user to just select a mic/speaker and then test it without saving/restarting rhasspy if that is possible with the current system.

But even without a specific testing system there are ways to test if they work in the web gui.

  1. The main page of the web gui: to test a speaker you can use text to speak, to test the mic, just wake up the system and talk. Even if no intent is recognized, the play button next to the wake up button should play it, and if the speakers don’t work, you can always download it and play it on your pc.

  2. Mic testing via audio input statistics: If you are not interested in how the mic sounds and just want to know if it works at all, there is an audio statistic button in the audio recording section of the settings. Just activate and look if it will turn out numbers, if so, it has some kind of sound, it might be just noise thought. If you speak or otherwise make sounds near the mic the numbers should reflect that, if they do, your mic is recording your environment. It might do so perfectly clear, or with lots of noise, this is not the way to tell but that is what the main gui is for.

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Thanks, my systems working well, i just thought it would be nice for beginners. When i started it was very confusing, not really knowing all the important terms etc. So i think it would be nice, making basic settings easy and understandable to stick to the project.