Matrix Voice ESP32 Speaker Output

Hi everyone! Great work on Rhasspy by the way. I picked up a Matrix Voice ESP32 as well as a couple small speakers. These are the ones here:

Adafruit speakers

I’ve flashed Romkabouter’s MQTT audio steamer but can’t seem to get audio output on the speakers. The headphone jack does output audio responses. Interestingly the audio seems to be on the headphones when I have amp_output as 0 or 1.

Apologies if this isn’t the right place for this question! I hope there is a simple mistake I’ve made somewhere as if this works I think I may get a few for around the house.



Publishing {“amp_output”:“0”} to the broker should work.
{“amp_output”:0} does not.

Oh my…I misread the instructions on the topics. I was publishing to hermes/audioServer/siteID/audio rather than directly to siteID/audio. Well that’s a facepalm moment!

Thanks for the help and the great project!

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How big are those speakers?

Currently I have this:

I want to create a casing for it.

They look similar to yours.

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By the way if anyone is interested. I was able to perform the initial flash from a RPi 1B with the 26 pin header on it. Looking at the pinout of the matrix it appears that only one of the additional pins is used and it was to do with mic input or something like that.

Is the sound ok? Looks great, so I might order these since I only have one speaker

They sound pretty good given the size and how cheap they were.

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I am having a similar problem setting the audio output on Romkabouter’s MQTT audio streamer. Other MQTT commands work however, the {“amp_output”:“0”} to the siteID/audio topic does not. The debug topic returns ‘InvalidInput’.