Mary TTS doesn't work

Mary TTS doesn’t work inside RHASSPY but work fine with the Web Client.
It’s install as a docker.
I can see and seclect in RHASSPY a voice, but in the docker, when i try to use it, i got :
marystts.server Returning HTTP status 404:File …$VOICE=upmc-pierre-hsm not found.
In the Web client, i use this voice with success.
Any help would be appreciated.
PS : Sorry vor my English, i’m French.

How does your “Text to Speech” section in Rhasspy’s settings look like?

This is my “Text to Speech” section :

And my Mary Web Client:

You need to add /process at the end of the URL in the Text to Speech section of Rhasspy’s settings:

This has been fixed in the documentation but the fix hasn’t been pushed yet to Read the Docs. @synesthesiam can you do this?

Thans a lot.
It’s work !