Manage many Rhasspy clients (from server)

Hi folks,
I’ve not been able to play with my set up due to a new family arrival, BUT paternity leave kicks in soon and so will be (trying) to complete my Rhasspy house wide set up!

One thing I’ve been thinking about is a single control interface for server/client.

Would it be possible to, once a user has installed something on the client instance, have the server be able to control those clients (ie update wake word, change sentences etc).

I imagine the most useful thing is once you edit the sentences etc you would want to “deploy” those changes to all the clients to have them align with a central set of sentences? Once the infrastructure is built it will only then expand to increase control of the clients over time with this active community and input.

I’m afraid I have nothing more to add in terms of how (would it simply be a bunch of SSH commands, or would there be a API that the server would communicate with the clients - if that was the case I imagine that API would have other uses also, but could make the Pi clients a little heavy?)

Alternatively could I create a deployment package (ie prepare 1 client and “save config”) then on each subsequent client “import config” ?

Anyway, just a thought :slight_smile:

Sentences have not to be deployed. Sentences slot and training are on the master and satellites send asr result to master to decode intent. That’s the goal of a master / satellites setup.

Is this new? The last time I was using the setup I had to copy them to various clients. But GREAT news if it’s already there.

Initial set up though, having that deployable would be cool.

Because you set then all as master. On satellites set intent recognition to master ip

Oh I see. That’s sort of the same, but if you have pi3 as clients you can do some of the work locally on those clients, but want to keep them in “sync”