Larynx TTS- How to create pauses?

Making headway with rhasspy, but now have a new problem.
How to create pauses when using larynx TTS
I can see from the larynx github page that it is possible to pause larynx between sentences

<voice name="northern_english_male">
    <s>Breaks are possible</s>
    <break time="0.5s" />
    <s>between sentences.</s>
  </voice>ype or paste code here

However, I have no idea how to implement this within the confines of Rhasspy
Also is it possible to slow the TTS output, (I think it would sound more natural if it was slowed down a little)
Any ideas?

I don;t know about the speed but for pauses in the middle of sentences I generally use one or more commas depending on how much of a pause I want, so mid-sentence maybe one but I replace the period (.) with two commas

I have commas in mine for the pauses. I did find that adding a comma at the end helps not have an abrupt weird cut off.

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That comma at the end makes things sound a lot better, thanks!