Jeedom Rhasspy plugin (beta)

New beta published yesterday

We can now rename and move rhasspy devices in other objects, to show them on Dashboard/Design etc.

change: The SetVolumen command is now from 0 to 100 to better handle interface sliders. In Jeedom v4.2 we can set sliders like we want, but wanted to support actual version :wink: To find where this command is used in scenarios and such, just go to domotic overview, open the equipment and this command, it will provide a link to anything using it. You can also use Tools/Search and search for this command.

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I use Jeedom in english, but actually plugin documentation is in french only. If several people need it, I could translate documentation to english (the plugin itself ever support english Jeedom).


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Ok, big update in beta!

  • Complete rewrite of intent management inside Jeedom. They are not anymore stored as equipments, but now as rhasspy_intent as a whole with their own code and DB table inside Jeedom.
  • So, no more need for the Rhasspy-Intents object, which was there only to get intent equipments.
  • Updating the plugin will migrate intents in new system, and delete Rhasspy-Intents object. Devices won’t have parent object then.
  • You can now access device settings (name, parent object, category) and advanced configuration.

UI and under the hood code is now a lot more jeedomian and won’t evolve a lot now.

  • Intent handling now support multiple entities. For example, if you ask to turn on light in the kitchen and living-room, your scenario will receive your tag with “kitchen,living-room”.
    For example:
    Tags : {"#intent#":"TurnOn","#confidence#":"1","#wakeword#":"ravenCustom","#siteId#":"Salle","#house_room#":"kitchen,living-room"}

So you can check in your scenario:
IF tag(house_room) matches "/kitchen|downstair/" THEN turn kitchen on
IF tag(house_room) matches "/living-room|downstair/" THEN turn living-room on

It will then turn both light on.

Just for fun, a fast presentation (sorry for poor gif encoding)