Multiple slots handling


Anyone tested some sentences with multiple slots/actions ?

For example, something that work perfect with snips+jeedom:

Eteins la lumière de la salle et du salon
-> intent TurnLightOff, with two house_room slots

Dunno if it works with snips, but also multiple intents could be nice:

Turn on the light in the kitchen and close the shutter in living-room

-> intent TurnLightOn
-> intent CloseShutter



I just migrated from 2.4.19 to 2.5.9 and I’m interested if it’s possible ?
Some update ?


Yes this is possible and works great for one intent, multiple slots.
Just add sentences with such structure and rhasspy will return json with several entities.

I just updated Jeedom plugin to support this : Jeedom Rhasspy plugin (beta)

Regarding multiple intents in same sentence, dunno if it’s possible actually.

Great !
I’ll try.