Interesting problem buttons on HA are gone

I installed this and it’s running great…I only associated 1 light and 1 switch with it…glad I only did that because the 1 light and 1 switch that I used have disappeared from my Home Assistant screen…
Here you go take a look…


The fan should be to the right of the light and it’s not there anymore.

Anyone run into something like this? If so how do I fix that? I don’t want to uninstall Rhasspy but I will if I can’t figure this out.

Thank you for all the help and a great addition!!!

I don’t see how Rhasspy can interfere with Home Assistant’s Dashboard; I have had no such experience. They might both be configured to show and set the same entity - but they do it in very different ways.

I have had panels disappear from the dashboard if they are not configured correctly (and sometimes they can be a pain to find and fix without any error message). So many different learning curves with home automation … easy to get confused or something to slip through.

It may be a css issue I’ll have to look into it :slight_smile: