How to send finished Rhasspy Hermes App to other people

I’ve recently made a voice assistant using Rhasspy and the Rhasspy hermes library and I’d like to build it out and send it over to my friends to use as well. The problem is they’re not tech-savvy and use Windows/Mac laptops so I should I go about doing it? I was thinking maybe making a docker image and then telling them a command to run would be the simplest way. I’m not a pro at technology either so I was wondering if people here know better ways to do this. Let me know, I appreciate all the help! :slight_smile:

Do they have Rhasspy installed already, or not?

My thought would also be to package it all in a Docker image. Or you could even create your own operating system image that they just have to write to a microSD card to put into a Raspberry Pi.

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They don’t at the moment. I was thinking of having some sort of yarn or docker-compose command that could do that for them. Do you think that’s a good idea? Thanks so much for your help!

Of course that’s a viable idea, I’m a heavy Docker Compose user myself. But then the users have to install Docker, Docker Compose, the docker-compose.yml file and so on. That looks a bit too brittle for non-techies…

Have you looked at to create a custom Raspberry Pi OS image with Rhasspy? I have made some custom images with it, and it could be an idea to explore.


Yeah, I guess the Docker route isn’t great either. The RPi image idea sounds great, but they were primarily thinking of using their laptops to run everything. I wish there was a way to build a containerized application. Nonetheless, I think I will just create a good documentation and hope they can follow it.

Btw, are there instructions anywhere on the best practices to make a docker image for Rhasspy or should I just follow a regular tutorial?

You can just use the installation instructions for Rhasspy with Docker:

And then add another image with your own Rhasspy app. Have a look here:

And here:

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Awesome, thank you so much!