Home assistant component

Hey guys.

There is a HA component for Snips to interface intents easily:

With the disappearance of Snips maybe we can port this component (and call it hermes instead of Snips).

This might help interfacing Rhasspy (and any compatible Hermes intents/sessions) with HA without a middle server to forward intents.

What do you guys think?


I think many people already use this addon with Rhasspy, isn’t it? At least I have seen some references on this forum and GitHub. But sounds like a good idea to try to repurpose it to Rhasspy or Hermes in general.

i do use it for now since the webhooks doesnt work for me

tho if the component will be ported there s a bug / feature missing i d love to have
itseems that when using the snips component it sends endsession as soon as the intent is received …so we cant use continuesession message :confused: