Hass.io Login attempt or request with invalid authentication

I’m new with rhasppy and hass.io and i’m trying to get running the tutorial in the documentation.
But i get this error in Hass.io. Is a error in my rhasspy configuration? do i need to change something?

Are you using the LetsEncrypt and DuckDNS add-ons in Hass.io? If so, you’d need to use https:// protocol and your DNS node name, instead of an IP address.

Also, you may need to create an access token in Home Assistant, and fill it in. (I know, it says it’s automagic, but you can still generate a token manually and copy/paste it here.)

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I don’t have LetsEncrypt or DuckDNS, but the token was the solution.

So glad I could be of assistance. Have fun!!