Handle Intents on Server

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but is there a way for 2.5 to handle intents (and ship them off to HASS) on the server/master? I see that when I use my matrix voice to input a voice command, there is a valid intent being published via mqtt in hermes/intent/. If I use the web interface of the server/master to input an intent, it triggers HASS appropriately.

If I set the master siteid the same as the satellite, then the trigger works appropriately as well even when the voice command comes from another device.


i didnt understand your question but maybe i can help

i have a master/satelite setup using 2.5pre using intents (not events) working

Sorry, I can be more specific. I have a satellite (matrix voice eap32). I have it communicating with rhasspy and trying to get the rhasspy master to send recognized intents (as events) to home assistant. Viewing the mqtt broker, intents are being recognized when spoken from the matrix voice but not sent to home assistant. If I type a query into the web UI of the master, it sends the event to home assistant.

I’m just confused as to why the events aren’t being sent when clearly the intent recognition is working correctly.

I have the same problem currently. I’m managing the intents via NodeRed and master-rhasspys websocket on /api/events/intent

I’m pretty sure this has been working some time ago, so maybe this is a configuration-problem? (I’m trying to get a working setup for weeks now)

Intents from satellite show up in MQTT but are not published via websocket on the master if the intent is triggered on the satellite.

@Zoso: Maybe try directing the intent-handling (in your satellites backend) to the master endpoint:


That looks like the same issue that I found here.

Thanks Koan - that looks the same and may be handled in that fix. Interestingly, if I set the master/server siteid the same as the satellites (matrixvoice in this case) then the intent is sent to home assistant correctly. It is when they have different siteid’s that it fails.

As mentioned above, in my situation I even see the intent recognized on my MQTT broker in that the intent is published to hermes/intent/$insert_intent_here$. It just won’t pass it to hass.


Did this issue get fixed? I just installed 2.5.6 and appears I’m having the same issue where the Home Assistant Intent’s aren’t being forwarded from Satellites.
I’ve set the intent handling to happen on my RPi Zero satellite to get around this, but I’m trying to setup the Matrix Voice with the ESP32 streamer and I can’t get the intent’s to fire.

Nevermind, I see it’s coming in 2.5.7. Patiently waiting now :pleading_face: