Guide for Building Docker Images instead of Virtual Environment

I am trying to set up a development environment for a project based on Rhasspy which will be runnning on a Raspberry Pi 3. However since the build and setup times on the pi are very slow it is taking forever to get a running prototype. Since I plan on developing my project locally before submitting them to the project I thought using Docker would be the best solution.

This way i could develop and test on my Laptop which would be way faster and just download my self built docker images to my pi. I’ve been trying to find out how @synesthesiam is building the images by looking at the docker files but since I’m lacking the expertise I can’t figure out how to do it myself.

Since there might be others attempting to build extensions this way maybe it would be possible to include it in the wiki?
Otherwise maybe I could just get some advice here on how to reduce the computation times.
Thanks in Advance

I believe the Linux crosstool-NG command may be what you seek: