Feedback TTS phrases

I think it would be cool to be able to either define a feedback sound OR multiple feedback phrases for the following events:

  • listening/wake up (« yes », « listening », etc)
  • intent recognized (« understood », « ok », etc)
  • intent not recognized when not requested to forward by the dialogue session (« no comprendo », etc)

I implemented this on my dialogue manager and it works. The only issue I have is that picotts/nanotts adds silence (a few 100ms) at the end of the generated WAV that delay the session management. Did not find a solution as of yet…

@koan @synesthesiam What do you think?


Yes I think this would be nice. But frankly, to me this looks like a low-priority feature for now :slight_smile:

Totally low priority :slight_smile:

I like the idea, should be pretty easy to implement. I wish we had echo cancellation baked in so we didn’t have to worry about blocking things while playing audio…