Dynamic slots update

Dear community,

I have another idea to address. I have developed an intent processing integration for the personal use in HA which enables me to communicate with assistant via dialogue. For instance, you can start talking to it and it gives you directions with respect to what you should do to set your lights in a room - what lights you have there, what features those support, how to set those ect. You can ask to make the color to be 20% greener and 15% ‘blueer’ and so on. Then you can ask to save this mode under given name for the future use. At the moment I have the approach to put ~100 color names into ‘colors’ slot, and you can pick one of these names to save your current ‘mode’, like: “Rhasspy, set the mode name green; Rhasspy, save the mode”. Later, you can ask to set the mode to green.

Issue: I cannot work out the route to put arbitrary names into the system. For example, I would like to name it “sunday mode”, how would I tell the rhasspy to put the name “sunday” into a certain slot which contains all possible names of my modes?

As I understand, it requires 2 steps:

  1. Put the actual record into slot file
  2. Retrain Rhasspy

Thus the question: would it be possible to have some kind of a ‘system’, with respect to rhasspy, intent which would do steps 1,2 when detected?

If I understand your question correctly, one way to dynamically update slots is through the /api/slots HTTP API. You can POST new values to specific slots, and then re-train Rhasspy to have it pick up the new values.