Detection is looping

I use rhasspy on venv on VM.

Since last update (update system and rhasspy) done this week i got problem with detection.
When Rhasspy detect the hotword (using snowboy with 0,46 sensitivy) the wake sound is looping 3 or 4 times.
Recorded and error sound are both looping too.
Once done rhasspy do not detect anything.

Here are my logs, i have to admit that I am kind of lost with them …
Seems that they are too larg for community so i used Pastebin.

thanks by advance

Looks like you have multiple dialogue manager “in the loop”:
nov. 24 10:10:35 Kadoc rhasspy[25771]: 1606209035: Error: Address already in use

Do you have multiple Rhasspy instances running on the same host?

I was seeing a similar issue using Raven when I had 2 similar wake words. I had recorded “Okay Jarvis” and “Hey Jarvis” and it would wake twice. I ended up deleting one of them and it’s back to triggering once.
However, I was hoping to have my kids each record the same word to try and identity match the wake word, but given what I just tried I’m not sure it will work without triggering multiple times.

Non I have only one service

Thanks for the hint.
I make a fresh reinstall of rhasspy and nor more loop !

I have just to create a good service now !