Custom commands for specific intents only

As far as I can see the way custom commands are either not used or always called. I think it would be a nice feature if I could call a custom command for a specific intent.

For example right now I am trying to get rhasspy to tell me the current weather so I call every time, go through the if else statement and then proceed to forward everything to hass regardless if it has been handled by the script or not.

What I think would be useful would be a way to tell rhasspy if the GetWeatherForecast intent was found then just call this script, if no script was specified for the intent then just forward to rhasspy. This would make it waaay easier to get rhasspy to handle things not intended for hass and it would make it even easier to pass around custom commands to other users because they won’t have to edit their custom command but just point the intent to the right script

Same need if it’s possible.