Convert slots to lower


I have a problem with a slot file.
It is a {locality} slot with one city per line like this:


If I test these sentences, I got the locality slot:

Donne moi la météo à Paris
Donne moi la météo à paris

Now if I set the slot file like this:


The two sentences doesn’t got the locality slot.

I have 2300 such localities from a snips slot and they are all first letter capsize.

Of course I can write a few python lines to rewrite the slot file as lower(), but:

  • Why does this occur ? Having capsize into slots isn’t supported ?
  • Shouldn’t rhasspy convert slots to lower() ?

I though every sentences, slots and intents where converted to lower() but doesn’t seems the case. Would like some clarification on such case ?

Happy new year folks :grinning:

EDIT: Just saw SublimeText allow to convert to lowercase lol! Did it on the 2300 localities slot file, retrained, and indeed it works now.

Maybe this should be either fixed, or clarified in the doc ?